Our Academic Literacy Class

Welcome to our class! I am so happy to meet you! Our course will develop and advance your academic literacy skills, in order to prepare you for AP and Honors courses. Our goal is for you to not only survive Freshman year, but thrive and be successful at Athens Drive.

Thanks for going on this journey with me. It will be so worthwhile for your future endeavors. Trust me.

My promise as your teacher is that I will be there to support you, challenge you, and cheer you on. That doesn’t mean as soon as you leave freshman year, our work is over. NO! I will look after you for your next four years at Athens Drive Magnet High School! I promise you!

We will integrate the magnet theme (Medical and Global Health( into our weekly lessons and our required Academic Literacy curriculum provided by the Board of Education. That means that you will develop your analytical skills when encountering complex text, research, and data.

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About Dr. Lowry

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The 2018-2019 school year marks my 19th year as an educator. Currently, I serve as the Literacy Coach and Academic Literacy teacher at Athens Drive. In the past, I have taught all the way from K-12, and served six years as an adjunct professor training teachers on methods and materials for the classroom. I am passionate about READING, WRITING, LISTENING, SPEAKING and connecting all students to text in a way that unlocks their potential for deeper understanding.

I love to read nonfiction and research articles. The horror genre is my favorite. I am an author and love to write.


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Our Classroom Google Drive Code

My email is jlowry@wcpss.net

We have a very active Google Classroom. Your family is invited to access our assignments, projects, and units.

Our Google Classroom Code:  jhd29ap

I am looking forward to communicating with your family about your progress. Please share my email and save it in your contacts.